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MaxHitPro lottery program

MaxHitPro Lottery Program


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The ONLY Way To Play ANY Lottery Game

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How to win the lottery ?

Is There A Way To Win The Lottery?

We all know that winning a lottery jackpot is extremely difficult. We also know that there is no magic formula for hitting a jackpot.

Should we just guess? Put in birthday numbers? Car numbers? Address numbers?

Of course not. Well should we use a program to pick hot numbers, use hit/skip charts, etc?

This is an improvement but there are many drawbacks to this method.

For example, a hot number is a number that is due to hit in the next FEW draws. You can pick 10 hot numbers but they just never seem to hit at the same time - 2 in the first draw, 3 in the next draw, etc.

Another drawback is that the winning numbers almost always consist of hot AND cold numbers. What's the point in picking hot numbers if you also have to pick cold numbers?

One more problem is that you have to BUY the program and USE it for a while to KNOW if it works. It DOESN'T come with a track record.

These programs CAN'T tell you what you would have won in the past because they don't KNOW what you would have won in the past - neither do you, until after the fact.

Makes you think doesn't it? I mean, if the methods they use to pick numbers actually worked, then why do YOU have to pick them.

Ok, so guessing numbers is based on luck, and using a program to examine the past history is an improvement, but still not good enough. What to do? gh.

There IS a better way to play the lottery

There IS A Better Way To Play The Lottery

1...Let the computer use a SYSTEM to pick the numbers - you can run the system on past draws and see what it REALLY would have won.

2...Use THOUSANDS of systems each designed to pick numbers differently - you can run ALL of the systems on past draws and see which system WON the most.

The system results would be REAL. If a system shows a first prize win 3 draws in the past, then you REALLY would have won a first prize with that system.

The computer could test ALL systems in ONE run and show you the TOP10 winners. It would do everything for you automatically.

Isn't that GREAT. You Run THOUSANDS of systems on YOUR game and know what they won BEFORE you spend any money.

MaxHitPro lottery info and download


FREE for 20 days

includes many Lotto, Daily, Keno games

finds the top10 systems for your game

uses a large range of wheel sizes

play 1 .. 1,000 ticket entries

can check any past result

jackpot winning systems

prize winning systems

fully automatic

create game

much more



MaxHitPro is three programs in one

MaxHit Lotto + MaxHit Daily + MaxHit Keno

You can use them all free for 20 days. If you want to continue after this period, you must pay for the one(s) you want. Current prices are as follows:

MaxHit Lotto : $30

MaxHit Daily : $30

MaxHit Keno : $30

MaxHitPro (all 3) : $70

Check payment details in the program


Download MaxHitPro (v3.05.00)

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